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Wescap is in the process of organizing various private investment vehicles designed for high net worth investors, and small-cap institutional investors who seek to diversify their investment holdings. The investment funds will initially focus on two strategic areas.

Small Cap Growth Fund

The Small Cap Growth Fund will focus on private companies based in Western Canada with enterprise valuations of $20 million or less. This is an under serviced market with significant opportunity for entrepreneurs without succession planning strategies. The businesses will have demonstrated the ability to maintain profitability through economic cycles and provide opportunity to grow with an enhanced management team and strategy. The strength of the fund arises from the development of a clear strategy at the onset of the acquisition, leveraging the expertise of Wescap’s management team and advisory board.

Clean Energy Development Fund

The Clean Energy Development Fund will focus on companies that have developed economically viable technologies and solutions that provide benefit to the environment. The fund will focus on clean energy applications that are economically viable while providing an opportunity to benefit the environment.

If you are an Accredited Investor or an Institutional Investor interested in learning more about our various private placement offerings, please provide the following information and we will contact you with more information.

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