Business Brokerage Services

Working with Purchasers

Whether you are looking to acquire a new business or make a strategic acquisition to expand your existing business, the professionals at Wescap will ensure the time you spend is minimized and effective. We review known business opportunities and actively canvass strategic acquisitions in a defined industry to ensure the best acquisition targets are identified. Once a target is identified, we will perform the preliminary financial due diligence, assist in negotiation and work with you develop the best capital structure to finance the acquisition.  Discussions are thorough and confidential.

Working with Sellers

We work with entrepreneurs who are looking to exit their business. This is an important decision that will impact the value received for the business. We start with a detailed analysis of the business both from an operational and financial perspective. We work with owners to determine the best way to structure the transaction, arrive at a valuation and package the business so that a clear succession strategy can be demonstrated to the buyer. Our services are success based. The methodology and process are proven and we believe that the initial investment of our time and effort will be rewarded with a successful transaction for the buyer and the seller.

Buyside Mandates


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